SecureLink’s former CEO joins the Board of Directors after a successful transition to new CEO, Thomas Fetten

Sliedrecht (Netherlands), 3. July 2018

SecureLink, the leading independent European cyber security provider, today announces that Marco Barkmeijer, cofounder and former CEO, is stepping down from his operational roles within SecureLink.

The announcement comes as SecureLink has entered its next growth chapter with the appointment of Thomas Fetten as Chief Executive Officer at the end of Q1. After a successful handover, Marco will move to a non-executive board member and continue to support SecureLink in the phase of its growth.

After 10 years, the time has come to let the company develop under the new leadership of Thomas Fetten.   I am confident that Thomas and the entire management team leading the company will make the coming 10 years equally successfully based on the most important value we have: customer first.

Marco Barkmeijer, former CEO and cofounder of SecureLink

With Marco’s departure Johan Andersson will step into the role as SecureLink’s CCO.

I want to express my admiration and thanks to Marco for his tremendous contributions over the past years and during the handover process. I look forward to working with him in his new role as a member of the board. His commitment to the next growth strategy and willingness to serve as a board member is a testament to his dedication and support of the company, it’s leadership and most importantly to our clients and partners.

Thomas Fetten, SecureLink CEO

About SecureLink

SecureLink is powered by a strong combination of artificial and human intelligence driven solutions. We combine market leading technology with years of experience by some of the industry’s most talented experts to provide you with the services that you need to reduce your risk. The result is a range of superb benefits that together will enable your business.

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True cyber security isn’t just about protection. It’s about enabling, too. It’s about empowering businesses by allowing them to safely embrace innovation, efficiency and collaboration. True cyber security is about adding value by building trust and making life easier for our customers. Put simply, we safely enable business.

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